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We are listed with the following listing sites (please take the time to vote in as many of them as you can):

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You can get up to 5 Crow Feathers per day. The Crow Feathers are deposited on the next day to the first character that logs in. Besides the Crow Feathers you will also accumulate "vote points" that you can redeem with an NPC for Gold, Mounts, Emblems (Frost, Triumpth, Conquest, Honor, etc.) and many other vanity items.

Thank you! Together we can make Korakion the top UK Private Server.

Another way to help is to place our banner in your website or like or mention us on facebook (korakionuk).

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Why is voting so important and why should you do it?

Voting helps to make our servers known to other players, which will in turn make your playing experience closer to Blizzard's WoW, that is, larger guilds, better BG's, more items on AH etc. It will also help us indirectly to provide you with a better service since more player will attract more visibility and with that more sponsoring opportunities and this will revert into better equipment, better maintenance and of course a higher uptime for our servers.

We do not have any voting scheme or will provide you with any in-game advantage if you decide to vote for us. The reasons and benefits of voting should be enough to compel you to do so.


You can vote multiple times by using different devices connected to different networks such as your PC at home, at work, or from your mobile phone (when using the 3G/4G network). Votes normally reset after 12 or 24h so you can vote again on the next day if you wish to.

If you happen to use a proxy-browser such as 'Tor' you may be able to vote twice from each place (i.e. once with IE, Chrome, etc and once with Tor).

Note: Even though you are free to vote multiple times for the good of the server rewards will be limtited to 1MP per voting site per account per day.