Where to Log Bugs:

Here is a quick guideline on how to inform us of a problem/bug in-game.

Our main bug repository is located at GitHub (see link below):


What Type of Bugs Can I Log:

The bugs that you SHOULD can be in any of these areas:

  • NPC
  • ITEM
  • CORE

There are other areas that you SHOULD NOT log:

  • Plugins
  • Connection Issues
  • Password issues
  • Client side settings
  • etc

Problems in these areas should be reported here in the support or general chat areas accordingly.

How to Log a Bug:

To make the process faster and consequently have the bug fixed quicker you should inform the following:

  • Has anyone already logged this issue (search through the existing bugs)
  • If the bug already exists add more info if you think you have more details.
  • Area of the bug (i.e. [QUEST])
  • Names associated with the bugs (quest, mob, npc names).
  • The related IDs for the problem (same as above)
  • What is supposed to happen
  • What actually happens 
  • Date you actually have see the problem
  • Did you ask someone (mod or player) to confirm?
  • Include the wowhead.com link if possible.
  • Do NOT log multiple issues in the same bug! (I will close them right away).

Note: Names and IDs for quests and NPCs etc can be found at wowhead.com

Thank you!


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