Dear Players!

As we grow we will get busier and inevitably take a little longer to help people out. Having said that you, the player, can help us a lot by first requesting help to a fellow player.

There are many ways that you can double check a possible bug before raising a ticket or calling us:

  • Check with another player
  • Visit and check the details of the quest or dungeon.
  • Check Github to see if the bug has already been reported

All these actions will help us reduce the time spent on unnecessary calls or tickets and improve the server's quality and response time to an issue.

Here a list of our top GMs:

  • Janitor – Owner
    • Languages: English, Portuguese, French
  • Jem – Owner
    • Languages: English
  • Starlord - Game Master (Senior / Ticket Handler)
    • Languages: English
  • Dhorlin - Game Master (Senior / Ticket Handler)
    • Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Deutsch
  • Kaukas - Game Master/Designer
    • Languages: English, Dutch, Deutsch, South-African

Take a minute to thank them for their hard work!



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